Canadian Tour
July 5 to 31, 2008

Across Canada
Medicine Hat, Alberta

The tallest teepee in Canada - 13 storeys high

The longest swing bridge in Canada
at Souris, Manitoba

River Souris

Kenora, Ontario, on The Lake of the Woods

A dinner cruise

Coming back into the harbour of Kenora

Flowers by the roadside

Rossport, Ontario, on Lake Superior

Our Bed & Breakfast in Rossport

On top of Nicol Island, Rossport

The view of Rossport from the top of Nicol Island

An islander who let us see his property on Nicol Island

The view from his property

Evening sets over Lake Superior

And the evening mists close in on the harbour of Rossport

A typical roadside pull-in on Lake Superior - restaurant, motel and gifts

A rare sandy beach in the north shore of Lake Superior

Thessalon, Ontario, on Lake Huron

Our cabins from the promontory

At the promontory

The rocky shore line of Lake Superior at Thessalon


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