Our Visit to Europe 2018

1. England   2. France & Andorra    3. Peterhouse

The 2018 Reunion of the Peterhouse Boat Club
First VIII winning crews of 1956
known as the "Spirit of 56"

Most of the following pictures are by the kind photographic courtesy of

The Spirit of 56 Reunion Party

The Master's Lodge
Old Court, Peterhouse

Whittle Building, Gisbourne Court
A Corner of Gisbourne Court

Deer Park, Peterhouse

The Master Bridget Kendall, Paul, Senior Tutor Saskia Jansen
Sara with Previous Master, Adrian Dixon

Sara, Paul, Michael
The Master's Speech in front of my bald head

The High Table

Peterhouse Boat House

Before the Christening
Martin Christens the "Martin Bartlett" with Champagne

Martin Launches his Namesake
Up River from the Boat House

The River Cam and the Bridge before the Boat House

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