Cruise around
French Polynesia

The Island of Bora Bora

The harbour

One of many coves with one of the many stray dogs

Every village has a Protestant church

We are welcomed with flowers

Demonstration of the dyeing of the pareos

A pareo drying with the designs on it

Some of the luxury homes owned by American film stars (Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson)

Crabs live all around the shore and they eat anything.  We threw flowers at the holes and they ran out, grabbed the flowers and they took them back home.  In the centre are two crabs each pulling the same flower to their different holes.

One of the only white sand beaches

The 'Bloody Mary' restaurant

The pool bar

The pool deck

Sara at the helm (half a car wheel)

Paul at the captain's console (with joysticks for controls)

Dinner at a restaurant built entirely out of straw for the July festival

An island's singers competing in the islands' July festival

Our usherettes

Some of the dancers competing at the festival
Oh!  Those are coconut shells

A favourite sport is surfing on a boat's wake by kayak

The glass-bottom boat trip

Our tour guide feeds the fish on the corals

And then the stingrays came

He swam around with them, feeding them.  They expect him the same time every day

Bringing one of them for us to stroke.  This one was pregnant

A typical hotel.  This is the Sofitel (now closed due to the economic situation)

Bora Bora in silhouette

And then we had to sail at sunset (with Tony)

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