Cruise around
French Polynesia

The Island of Taha'a

As it rains on Pacific islands, we got beautiful complete double rainbows

A look at the motus surrounding us

The band welcomes us as we arrive for a day on a motu (Mahana Motu)

The landing area on our motu, looking at the next motu
This is the swimming area, very shallow and with sea cucumbers and sea urchins

On our motu, looking at the next motu

Ladies (vahines) demonstration of the coconut trade

This is how it is grated
Samples to eat

The vanilla grower and the produce: beans, oils, candles, cleansers, tablets...

The sous chef from the ship shows how to prepare marinated tuna

The bar, always fruit in the drinks, and you drink out of coconuts

After lunch

Nothing but palm trees and sand

The ladies farewell

Back on board


Sailing for the gap in the reef

Passing the barrier reef

Sunset look back at Taha'a

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