A Pilgrimage to Our Lady

The most popular place to visit and pray - The Grotto

Our hotel is one block from the Domain

A view from our bedroom window showing the start of the High Stations

The First Station of the Cross, "Jesus is condemned to death"
(Penitents climb the steps praying on their knees)

"Jesus carries his cross"

"Jesus dies on the cross"

"Jesus is laid in the tomb"

The way we set out for most events
(Fr. John Twist pushes Sara)

A talk from our tour guide Richard before we tour the churches

A rest stop after a tour

Another refreshing stop

General view of Lourdes waterfront

The Visit to the Pic Du Jer

The path of the funicular railway up the Grand Jer

The way to Lourdes as seen from the top of the hill

Spain is in the distance

A view of Lourdes from the Pic du Jer by our party

The top of the Grand Jer where a cable car used to come, at about 3,300 ft above sea level

The Rosary Square and the Esplanade with the Chateau Fort on the hill top

A Visit to the Chateau Fort

The old cemetery

Sara is pushed by Harry

At the miniature village of Pyrenean buildings

In the garden of the Black Prince

A view of Lourdes from the Chateau Fort

The Accueil
(The hospital for our sick)

Some went by voutures

And then there was the Texan with Sara and Melissa

A Garden of Rosaries in front of the Rosary Basilica and Rosary Square

The spires of the basilica

The Lady Statue in front of Rosary Square

Lourdes Pilgrimage
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