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At the Oxleys on Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

                         Jo, Brian, Sara, Paul and Brunel at the Oxley's            Photo by Brian Oxley

The natural garden - just don't mow

Flower beds everywhere

The Oxley's lake

A peaceful perch above the lake

A long way up

Not to be climbed

A swampy shore

The only thing for the terrain

The good ship "pontoon"

How to load it

Ready for the road

                                                Local transportation                        Photo by Brian Oxley

The launch - perhaps it will slide in

Forgot something - the motor?

One push

The happy shipowner sees it sail

                                        Oars away               
Photo by Brian Oxley

David takes the helm

                                                          The maiden voyage                                  Photo by Brian Oxley

Parry Sound

Coffee at the festival hall, the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts

Parry Sound

Parry Sound and Harbour

Parry Sound from the Watch Tower

Musical Cruise on the Island Queen
during the music festival "The Sound of Music" in Parry Sound

Brian at the mast

The Celtic Band gave this concert

Sara at the railings

We approach the narrow pass




Returning through the narrow pass

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