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Unusual bits of calendar information

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1.  What was the shortest year of the Christian Era?

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2.  Which year before 2000 A.D. in the Christian era never occurred?

3.  Which week of every year nearly always has a full moon?

4.  Why did the Church decide to have the feast of the birth of John the Baptist on June 24th?

5. Which months are devoted to Our Lady?

6.  Why does August have 31 days?

7.  In which year was Jesus Christ born?

8.  What is a Jubilee Year, and who celebrated it first?

9.  Christmas is a feast day whose name ends in MAS.  What other feast days are so called, or were so called?

10.  There are only three people whose birthdays the Church celebrates. Whose are they, and why are they the only ones?