February 9 - 17, 2008
1.  Visit to San Miguel

La Parroquia at night

By day

The interior of the parish church of Saint Michael of Allende
(Copied from pamphlet by Ammex Asociadus , S.A. de C.V.)

The statue of San Miguel de Allende, in the parish church, which is carried in procession

The local police in ceremonial uniforms (every day) in the Plaza Principal

Cafes in the Plaza Principal for coffee and scrumptious chocolate cakes

El Jardin in the Plaza Principal

The church from the garden

El Instituto - Fresco

El Instituto - Courtyard

La Parroquia from El Instituto

La Parroquia from El Instituto

Domes rising out of the Trees

One of the many beautiful house entrances

Panoramic scene of San Miguel on a cloudy day

Flowers at the Candelaria Festival (Feb. 2 - 11) at night
As good as the Chelsea Flower Show

Flowers at the Candelaria Festival (Feb. 2 - 11) at night
This is where I sheltered from the rain for 50 minutes

The church of the Immaculate Conception
One Sunday Mass is in English

A courtyard/garden just down the street from us.
They are always open for you to go in and see.

The Bull Ring behind our hotel - wrestling tonight

By day

San Miguel night scene from our hotel's roof

From the same roof

The roof

The garden of our hotel

The patio of our hotel

The Peruvian band at the Viejo Pueblo restaurant (our favourite)

The band at Mama Mia's restaurant

There are always balloons for sale and musicians

Artist Evolio Martinez with our painting

The musicians will always play for you for 50 Pesos

A street off the Plaza Principal

Our local church of San Francisco

Calle Correo, opposite San Francisco
 where we had breakfast opposite the post office

A beautiful arrangement of wheat and oranges
in the San Antonio restaurant 

A peculiar flower I found

Day Trip to Dolores Hidalgo
Visit to the village of Atotonilco

The  magnificent church and retreat centre

The  magnificent church and retreat centre

Larger-than-life figures of the Crucifixion

The nave showing paintings by the Indians

At Dolores Hidalgo
at a pottery works

Quality control scrapes off the blemishes

Hand painting

Our restaurant for lunch (table d'hôte 4 courses, $8.00)
Our guide Jaime, Kathy, Mary Liz and Sara
Looks as if it is decorated for St. Valentine's Day

A typical building on the town square

The parish church and Fr. Hidalgo
(the starter of the Mexican revolution)

The nave

A magnificent pulpit

Visit to the Pyramids outside of Mexico City

Sara bargaining for a cactus thread table cloth in front of the Sun Pyramid

A view of the main causeway(?) and the Sun Pyramid,
from the Moon Pyramid

In the Clock Room.  Roof stones cast shadows to tell the time.

The Moon Pyramid

Half way up the Moon Pyramid , Linda in foreground
Sara sitting on steps below

Walking around

Some of the preserved and restored paintings

Lunch in the caverns  by the pyramids
with Paul, Sara, Peggy, Linda and Jaime

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